Testimonial Star Rating - 1200601
by Tonya B. - 7/23/2019
Olivia and her team have made such a difference in our practice. They give clear directions about what is expected by OSHA and HIPAA.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1175550
by Abbey Licari - 5/16/2019
I would recommended Modern Practice Solutions to anyone looking for OSHA/HIPPA training for your office. I have worked in dentistry for almost 20 years and they are by far the BEST at what they do! Olivia knows her stuff inside and out :) The staff is just as knowledgeable and are ALWAYS a pleasure to work with. If I could give them 10 stars I would!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1175551
by Vickie Watts - 4/16/2019
I have had the “privilege” of being assigned the duty of OSHA coordinator in all 3 offices I’ve worked in over the last 20 years. As such, I have attended more than my fair share of compliance CE lectures. Olivia, by far, is the most well versed, organized instructor I’ve encountered. I left with answers to specific questions I couldn’t nail down online. I even learned about updates I had missed! I would absolutely recommend her lecture. My only regret is not being able to my doctors and the entire staff.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1175552
by Kristie Taylor - 11/17/2018
Olivia is very knowledgeable and proactive in meeting our compliance needs. She and her team have worked with our staff to develop a strategy, policies, and training to keep us on track with our OSHA and HIPAA compliance. We trust her expertise and guidance and find her to be a valuable asset to our practice.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1215367
by Heather France - 10/8/2018
Olivia and her team are outstanding! They are knowledgable,professional and friendly. I always look forward to CE courses Modern Practice solutions offers!
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